Light and low level aerial work platforms for the Rental Industry

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift – Quick Lift UBM10 (left) Quick Lift UBL6 (center) Quick Lift UB10 (right)


AHI’s UB, UBL and UBM lightweight mini scissor series with working height up to 5.9 metres provide a much safer and more ergonomic alternative to ladders and scaffolds. They also are well suited for applications where there are floor weight restrictions such as computer server rooms, mezzanine floors, office buildings and hospitals.

The low level access marker segment is relatively new and is growing rapidly, due in part to restrictions being placed on the use of ladders for safety reasons, in industrial and commercial work environments. Our mini scissor series provides a rental company the opportunity to differentiate itself from its competitors who may not offer these lightweight, low level and compacts AWP’s. The rental boom and scissor market is very competitive with everyone offering similar products with margins being squeezed. The developing low level access market has less competition and provides an opportunity to explore new business areas for higher revenues.

Our mini scissors provide a significant productivity and safety advantage over scaffolding and ladders. Unlike scaffolding which requires assembly and has no maneuverability, the mini scissors arrives on site ready to work. They are compact enough to fit through standard doorways and into lifts and light enough to work on weight sensitive floors. Also they offer a safer alternative to ladders which require ‘three point’ contact at all time. The mini scissors provide a secure platform working area with the ability to bring tools and equipment precisely to the required working height. The need for repetitive trips up and down the ladder is eliminated.

The time taken to assemble scaffolding and the ups and downs of ladders means the mini scissor offer considerable time savings, which will provide an improved ROI for the rental company and a more productive work site for customers.

Between July 2011 and May 2016, a total of 3168 workers in NSW were injured due to falls from ladders with a total compensation cost of $54.5 million ($17,500 per worker)*. The increased usage of ladder replacement low level AWPs such as our mini scissor series will significantly reduce these numbers.

Applications for low level access AEPs include inspecting, repairing, cleaning, painting, decorating, installing and shelving. They can be used in many settings including warehouses, shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, construction sites, factories, railway stations, subways, hospitals, universities, schools, sporting stadiums, auditoriums and art galleries. They are well suited for onsite use by trade persons such as builders, electricians and plumbers.



*Source: NSW Work Cover