Up lift laser position locator

Laser Position Locator for Aerial Working Platform

The Laser Position Locater is a time-saving device which will reduce the time needed to complete a task when working at heights.

It is not easy to position a “push around” vertical man lift directly under the required aerial work area, particularly if the work area is at a substantial height. The machine operator will make the best estimate as to where the machine needs to be positioned, then install and secure the machine’s outriggers, (Required for machine stability). With the machine’s operator on board, the platform is then raised towards the required work area. With the platform elevated, it may be found that the required work area is not accessible due to a misjudgement of the required machine position. The platform then needs to be lowered to its stored position, the outriggers released and the machine moved to what is judged to be the correct position, the outriggers are then secured again and the platform raised a second time. It may be this procedure needs to be repeated a further one to two times before the machine is positioned correctly.

This time-consuming exercise was of concern to customers and questions were raised with AHI sales personnel as to what could be done to solve this problem. As a result, our engineers were assigned to find a solution. After a number of brainstorming sessions, the idea of using a Laser Position Locator was born. A prototype was developed and testing proved to be successful.

With the Laser Position Locator installed on the vertical man lift, guesswork in correctly positioning the lift is totally eliminated. The machine is moved to a position considered to be directly underneath the work area. The Laser Position Locators operation button is then pressed and a laser beam will be directed towards the required aerial work area. Should any adjustment of the machine’s position need to be made to bring the machine directly under the work position it can be done easily with the platform at ground level.

The Laser Position Locater can achieve considerable time savings, tasks are completed more quickly, efficiently and financial benefits are realised.