Up-Lift Personnel Lift

Up-Lift Launch of new Personnel Lift Products

 In response to customers’ feedbacks and with a view to streamline Up-Lift Personnel Lifts product range, AHI has developed more user friendly and versatile Up-Lift Vertical Access machines including the new UG16S, UG16T and UG38 elevated work Platform ( EWP ) equipments.
The new UG16S and UG16T machines are more compact, more flexible Push Around and with increased stability. The lower Aerial Work Platforms ( AWP ) also have higher load capacity.  The stored height of 1.78 m to 1.98 m allows the use of a hi-top van for easy loading and transportation.
AHI Personnel Lifts also have the dual power source option, using either the AC or DC power or both as is required in some settings or for outdoor use. After through technical discussions, data analysis, stability and performance testing, AHI has developed these new Personnel Lifts to be fully compliant with international Man Lifts standards and in particular the European CE standards.
In the case of the UG38, its unique working height of 13.7 m and yet with a stored height of less than 2 meters ensures that it can easily pass through standard doorways as well as elevator lifts. The rated load of UG38 is 136kg. The UG38 allows access in both passenger lifts and goods elevators as well as situations where standard Man Lifts are unable to be used.
AHI Up-lift Personnel Lifts products are compact, versatile, has superior external finish, are user friendly and incorporates many safety features. Applications include hotel, department store, supermarket, warehouse, factories among many others.
UG Series Sliding Rail Personnel Lifts models:
Model UG16S UG16T UG20S UG20T UG25 UG30 UG35 UG38 UG40
Max Working Height m 6.7 6.7 8.1 8.1 9.5 10.8 12.3 13.7 14.3
Rated Load kg 200 200 159 159 159 159 136 136 136
Stored Length m 1.22 1.22 1.28 1.2 1.28 1.34 1.40 1.47 1.42
Stored Width m 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Stored Height m 1.78 1.98 1.78 1.98 1.98 1.98 1.98 1.98 2.80

AHI has an ambitious and passionate quality focussed team. All AHI team members are proactive, responsible and reliable with a strong team working spirit, solid professional background and excellent skills. AHI team aims to continuously improve existing and develop new Vertical Access Man Lifts based on market demand and customer feedbacks, in order to provide a highly professional and technical support to all customers.