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How to prevent unnecessary injury while using Aerial Working Platforms

How do we prevent unnecessary injury while using Aerial Working Platforms?
First, operators of Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) must understand the capabilities and limitations of the product they are using and follow proper procedures of usage at all times.

Secondly, routine checks and regular maintenance as outlined in the operating manual should occur. These measures will reduce the risk of unnecessary injury and extend the life of the equipment. A daily routine to ensure service ability before use is strongly recommended.

Last but not least, it is important to choose recognized brand name products from quality guaranteed, internationally renowned companies such as the Australian-owned Up-Lift and Quick Lift branded products.

Reputable companies brands like Up-Lift and Quick Lift, not only incorporate new ideas in their equipment on a regular basis, but also provide lifetime support to their customers. Operator training is an integral part of this support.