UB Series Mini Scissor Lift

UB/UBL Series Ladder Replacement Work Platforms Key Features

UB / UBL Series Ladder Replacement Work Platforms Key Features: 

  1. Safety bars for maintenance
  2. Forklift pockets and toolbox
  3. Audible descend and tilt alerts
  4. Compact 1.2m x 0.7m footprint
  5. Quick and smooth ascent or descent
  6. Prominent decals promoting responsible use 
  7. Dual control points promoting responsible use
  8. Minimum 200 operating cycles at rated loading
  9. Spiral cable connection to the platform control unit
  10. Ergonomic platform with non-slip floor and secure gating
  11. Free-standing operation, with rechargeable 12V battery power
  12. Non-marking wheels, 2 rear fixed with brakes, 2 front swivels for steering