UE Series Man lift

UE Series Man Lifts

UE Series man lifts are designed with a special focus on human safety and ergonomic requirements. They are compact, with superior external finishes, light and easy to handle, and meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

The design of all UE series Up-Lifts incorporates the latest technology available in elevating work platforms and includes an electrically-powered hydraulic system renowned for its reliability. Their unique central mast design delivers enhanced stability and second to non safety.

  • Only high quality components are used in manufacturing and assembly, with critical components sourced from world leading suppliers. 
  • Use of high quality and highly durable aircraft standard aluminium greatly reduces weight and enhances the stability of the machine. 
  • The unique central mast design ensures high stability, providing a greater of comfort to the operator. 
  • The UE48 model with a maximum 16.5m working height is the tallest central mast man lifts available. 
  • UE personnel lifts are available in both AC and DC versions.