UGM manlift

Access Holdings International (AHI), the Australian based supplier of vertical aerial work platforms has recently released the UGM self- propelled series. These machines have working heights ranging from 5.9m to 8.2m and are powered by 2 x 12) volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) maintenance free batteries. The UGM’s highly reliable hydraulic system ensures that platform ascent and descent is safe, smooth and fast, with up to 200 platform operating cycles before battery charging is required.

The UGM advanced design and compact structure makes it simple and easy to operate. It has a turning circle of less than 0.2m making it suitable for use in confined spaces and can be driven with the platform fully raised. With the platform in its stored position it will fit through standard 2m doorways and negotiate slopes up to 15 degrees.

Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of tilt, descent, travel and overload alarms, plus pothole protection. An emergency down valve is included to lower the platform to ground level in the unlikely event of battery failure.

Christopher Teng, AHI’s General Manager says we are proud to introduce the UGM series. These machines meet AHI’s stringent design criteria, which ensure an innovative, high quality world class product. They will provide a valuable addition to our extensive range of vertical man lifts, which currently have maximum working heights from 3.5m to 20m, starting with the direct ladder replacement UB/UBM mini scissor lifts, the UG sliding rail and UE central mast series through to the multi mast UT series.