Up-Lift UG/UE Series

UG/UE Series Man Lift Key Features (Part 1)

UG / UE Series Man Lift Key Features:-

Platform Controls
Critical push button controls (i.e. Ascend, Descend, and Emergency Stop Buttons) and the optional power point (available with AC machines) are all accessible directly from the platform. For safety reasons, a person cannot operate the ascend button control from the ground control. 

Multi-Function Control Panel
Outrigger indicator light clearly displays the status of each outrigger deployment. The eye-level LED Display allows the operator to ascertain if the machine is in a safe operating condition. Outrigger switches prevent platform operation until all outriggers are correctly deployed. A descend alarm is a standard feature of all Up-Lift products. 

Back-up Battery
In the event of power failure, all machines automatically switch to a backup battery system, allowing the user to descend safely to ground level.