UG/UE Series Man Lift Key Features (Part 2)

UE 32/40/48 & UG40 Tilt Back Support
The larger UE32, UE40, UE48 and UG40 lifts are equipped with a tilt back support as standard. This reduce their height to under 2 metres, and allows them to pass through standard doorways. 

Extruded Outriggers
Extruded aluminium outriggers are used to ensure maximum strength. These are stored on the side below the top of the machine and keep the stored height to the standard height of a door. 

High-Quality Spiral Cable
The high quality fully retractable spiral cable used in the UE and some UG machines ensure highly reliable operation. It has a high recoil memory and is manufactured to the highest international standard. The concentric mast design contributes to a smooth and more stable operation of the platform.