Electric Green Energy Products

Around the world, governments are changing their perceptions on carbon emissions. Many users of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are increasingly choosing products that use cleaner energy.

Since the company’s inception in 2003, Access Holdings International (AHI) has remained focused on the development and sales of electrically driven MEWPs. Unlike many global MEWP manufacturers, this strategy in the case of AHI has never changed and the company has remained committed over the past 17 years with green electrically powered MEWPs.

Today, AHI has developed and introduced one of the largest ranges (now totaling more than 50 models) of ALL Electric green energy driven products now available on the International MEWP market.


With the new AC motor powered mini-scissors and low level access products, AHI is well positioned to service the increasing green energy conscious MEWP users.  The new AC motor runs with no brushes and produces better battery performance and longer life motors.

With strategic forward planning and visions of the future, AHI management since 2003 has continued to develop its expertise in both the manual and self-propelled vertical access range of MEWPs, focusing on the zero-emission. All electric characteristics using the highly efficient power systems that offer significantly improved performance over extended periods.

You can learn more about AHI’s range by visiting our website or contacting us today!

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