150K Instant Tax Write Off


$150,000 INSTANT TAX WRITE OFF on all our Up-Lift, Quick Lift and Low Level Access products.Take advantage of this extended limited time offer available now until 30 December 2020!For more information visit our AHI or Low Level Access website Tel: 1300 220 500 Email: access@ahiholdings.com


COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new “normal” behaviour of keeping a safe distance from your friends, peers and mates.  This does not mean we cannot prepare ourselves during these challenging times to be ready on the other side of this historic crisis.   Access Holdings International will remain resilient and versatile and maintain its responsible corporate and community behaviour in this …


UG30 at the Hyatt Hotel in Beijing

The Up-Lift UG30 at the Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China. The UG series lifts use high quality parts, with critical components being sourced from world leading suppliers. Contact us today to find out more or visit our Low Level Access website to view our range of ladder replacement platforms.


Demonstration of the UBM8

Three-dimensional movement of the UBM8 is controlled directly from the elevated work platform. The compact footprint and tight turning radius of this push around work platform makes it the ideal choice for tasks demanding precise platform location in tight settings.


UE25 at The International French School of Sydney

The Up-Lift UE25 machine being used at The International French School of Sydney. The UE series have multiple machines ranging from 8.1m- 16.5m working heights. These lifts are available in both AC and DC versions. We also have a large range of ladder replacement low level access platforms which can be viewed by visiting our https://lowlevelaccess.com.au/low-level-access-equipment/ website

Knox Grammar Demonstration

Knox Grammar School Demonstration

Today we were onsite undergoing a presentation at Knox Grammar School. Here are some images showcasing the machine demonstration. At Access Holdings International we supply a large range of vertical access lifts as well as low level access ladder replacement platforms.

UC in Interior Design warehouse

UC Machine Used in a Interior Design Warehouse

The UC machine being used in a interior design warehouse to safely reach plants and decor items off the tall shelves. The UC series is part of our Low Level Access equipment range which focuses on providing safe and secure working areas and minimize the risk of ladder related injuries.