Quick Lift- Man lift UC Series

UC Series manually propelled man lift

The man lift UC low level access series are direct ladder replacement work platforms with working heights ranging from 4.2m to 5.6m. They provide a much safer working environment than a ladder when working at heights and minimize the risk of injury, with the platform providing a safe and secure working area.

Power is provided by a 12V 110Ah maintenance free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. The man lift UC series advance design and compact structure makes these lifts simple and easy to operate. They are ideally suited for tight working areas where larger work platforms cannot be used. All models will pass through a standard 2 metre doorway when in their stored positions and can easily be moved into and out of passenger and goods lifts.

Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of tilt and descent alarms, emergency stop buttons at both control points, emergency down valve, manual and automatic brake mechanism, spring loaded platform gate lock, flashing light, spirit level indicator and anti-slip platform.

Working environments include factories, warehouses, construction sites, workshops, shopping centres, hotel reception areas, art galleries, railway stations and subways, hospitals, schools and universities. Applications include cleaning, repairing, painting, inspecting, decorating, installing and replacing lights.

The man lift UC series fully complies with the relevant European CE and Australian standards applicable to aerial work platforms.

Key features include:

  • Highly reliable electrical powered hydraulic system
  • 12 Volt AGM battery power
  • Up to 200 operating cycles per full charge
  • Dual control points including emergency stop buttons
  • Tilt alarm- Audible and visual
  • Descent alert- Audible
  • Emergency down value
  • Battery charge indication
  • Low voltage battery alarm- Audible and visual
  • Non slip platform and secure gating
  • Safety harness point
  • Spiral cable to platform control unit
  • Maintenance safety locking device
  • Fork lifts pockets and tool box
  • External power socket for emergency use
Model UC 7 UC 8 UC 10 UC 12
Max Working Height (m) 4.2 4.6 5.0 5.6
Max Platform Height (m) 2.2 2.6 3.0 3.6
Rated Capacity (kg) 159 159 159 159
Machine Weight (kg) 314 358 432506
Platform Dimensions (m) 0.68×0.66×1.1 0.68×0.66×1.1 0.68×0.66×1.1 0.68×0.66×1.1
Stored Dimensions (m) 1.10×0.7×1.86 1.10×0.7×1.86 1.10×0.7×1.86 1.10×0.7×1.86
Time to Reach Max. Height (sec)  8/10 13/19 10/12 13/14
Time to Return to Min. Height(sec)  14/8 20/10 24/16 19/13
Foot Print (m) 0.60×0.96 0.60×0.96 0.60×0.96 0.60×0.96
Initial Platform Height (m) 0.61 0.61 0.61 0.61
Initial Step (m)0.3650.3650.3650.365
Battery (V/Ah) 12/110 12/110 12/110 12/110
Power Rating (kW) 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Battery Charger Input Voltage (V) 220/240 (or 110V) 220/240 (or 110V) 220/240 (or 110V) 220/240 (or 110V)
Max. Allowable Manual Force (N) 200 200 200 200
Packaging Dimension (m) 1.3×0.9×2.0 1.3×0.9×2.0 1.3×0.9×2.0 1.3×0.9×2.0

*These machines are for indoor use only, cover when transporting the machine. Avoid exposure to moisture.