Man Lift / Personnel Lift Key Features


Man Lifts Key Features

  • Multi-function Control Panel

Outrigger Indicator Lights clearly display the status of each outrigger deployment. The eye level LED display allows the operator to ascertain if the machine is in a safe operating condition. Outrigger switches prevent platform operation until all outriggers are correctly deployed.

  • Ease of Transportation

The UG and UE series of man lifts are equipped with leveraging device which facilities easy loading onto a truck or van for transportation.

  • Low Maintenance Stainless Steel Cage

The UG and UE series of man lifts use stainless steel cage designed to keep maintenance and machine weight to a minimum. The ergonomically designed 1.1 m height stainless steel cage provides simple and safe operation and also enhances ease of entry to the platform.

  • Strong Extruded Aluminium Outriggers

Extruded aluminium outriggers are used to ensure maximum strength. These are stored on the side below the maximum height of the machine and kept the stored height to a minimum and thus allow ease of entry through standard doorways.

  • Eye Level Platform Controls

Critical push button controls (i.e. Ascending, Descending, and Emergency Stop buttons) and the optional power point (available with AC machines) are all accessible directly from the platform. For safety reasons, a person cannot operate the ascending push button controls while remaining on the ground.
To operate the machine, one has to press two Push Buttons, Up and Power or Down and Power, a safety design feature to prevent accidental operation.

  • Descend Alarm

A descend alarm is a standard feature of all Up-Lift machines assuring additional safety to personnel.

  •  High Quality Spiral Cable

The high quality fully retractable spiral cable used in the UG machines ensures highly reliable operation. This cable has a high recoil memory and is manufactured to the highest international standard.

  • Ease of Mobility

The UG & UE series of machines are designed to pass through standard doorways and elevator entrances. In the case of UG16, 20, 25, 30, 38 as well as UE20 & 25, this can be achieved with the lift in its upright position.

  •  Italian Made Hydraulic System

Being the most critical part on the machine, we have selected the most reliable hydraulic system.  The Italian made system is recognised as the best in the aerial working industry.

  •  Electrical components

Up-Lift uses CE certified electrical components such as those supplied by Omron and Moeller.

  •  Product certification

Up-Lift products are made under ISO9001 quality management system and fully compliant with European CE standards, EN280 and EN60204-1. These products are also fully compliant with Australian standards AS1418.10, which are amongst the most stringent globally. Products are also compliant with Korean, Singaporean and other country standards and safety regulations.

  •  Warranty

Products are covered under 1 year warranty on parts and labour and 5 years warranty on structural parts.

  •  Insurance

Products are fully insured by Pacific Insurance Limited Product Liability Insurance Policy. This policy is automatically renewed each year.