Mini Scissor Lifts

UB/UBL Series Manually Propelled Mini Scissor Lifts

Quick Lift mini scissor lifts are the smart alternative to ladders and scaffolds.  Their design and manufacture deliver uncompromised safety, benchmark performance, easy operation, outstanding reliability and lifetime economy.

Manually-propelled UB/UBL Quick Lift mini scissors are ideal for workers requiring safe, vertical access at heights up to 5.9 metres. All Quick Lifts pass through standard doorways and are easily operated by one person.  Application environments include warehouses, supermarkets, department stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, construction fields, railway stations, subways, hospitals, universities and schools.UB1Mini Scissor Lift

Key features of the UB/UBL model:

Free-standing operation, with rechargeable 12V battery power.
Minimum 200 operating cycles at rated loading.
Quick and smooth ascent or descent.
Compact 1.2m x 0.7m footprint.
Ergonomic platform with non-slip floor and secure gating.
Dual control points including emergency stops.
Audible descend and tilt alerts.
Spiral cable connection to the platform control unit.
Emergency down valve
Non-marking wheels, all 4 with brakes including 2 for steering.
Prominent decals promoting responsible use.
Forklift pockets and tool box.

Options:  Non-standard platform size
Outrigger-supported chassis.


Key Technical Specifications:

ModelUB 6UB 8UB 10UB 12
Working Height (m)
Platform Height (m)
Rated Capacity (kg)240240240240
Machine Weight (kg)290365429580
Platform Size (m)1.04×0.571.04×0.571.28×0.651.28×0.65
Stored Dimensions (m)1.2×0.7×1.721.2×0.7×1.801.4×0.75×1.811.4×0.75×1.9
Time to reach max. height (sec)11/1319/2121/2523/24
Time to return to min. height (sec)14/722/1025/1625/16
Foot print (m)0.6×0.950.6×0.950.65×1.150.65×1.15
Initial Platform Height (m)0.62 (1 step to reach)0.70 (1 step to reach)0.71 (1 step to reach)0.80 (1 step to reach)
Travel (m)1.181.802.293.10
Battery (V/Ah)12 DC / 11012 DC / 11012 DC / 11012 DC / 110
Motor (kW)
Battery charger Input Voltage (V)230 (or 110)230 (or 110)230 (or 110)230 (or 110)
Max. Allowable manual force (N)200200200200
Max Allowable wind speed (m/s)0000
Max Allowable inclination (degrees)

With the Occupational Health and Safety requirement to combat the risks of aerial working accidents, these small scissor lifts offer real smart alternatives to ladders.

*These machines are for indoor use only, cover when transporting the machine. Avoid exposure to moisture.