UT series two man lifts

Up – Lift UT Multi Mast Two Man Lift

Up-Lift UT multi mast two man lift in used in Hong Kong to do maintenance and service for the building. UT multi mast two man lift is being highly used in construction. It is a compact and light weight machine perfect to be use in construction site.

The high strength aluminium masts provide stable platforms for personnel undertaking prolonged aerial work. UT multi mast two man lift can accomodate 2 personnel in the platform (up to UT40 model, UT46 and above accomodate 1 personnel)

This machine is full with safety features. It has emergency down valve, personnel do not need to worry about stuck in the platform when out of electricity. Enabling control buttons. Emergency stop button to stop the machine during emergency. Back-up battery for AC Model to be used for descend when run out of electricity. Ground control and platform control system for convenience of operation. Spirit level indicator to make sure the ground is flat and safe to operate machine. Descend alarm to warn people around during operation. Low charge indicator to provide indication to operator when to charge the battery. There are so much more safety features, for example: safety harness point, flashing light and warning decals, safety relief valves and so on.