Man Lifts Equipped with Laser Positioning System

Laser Locator

Access Holdings International(AHI) owned “Up-Lift” continues its product development efforts aimed to achieve superior product quality and customer satisfaction. Based on market demand and customer feedbacks, and in line with its ISO 9001 QMS, the company continuously improves the design of its range of man lifts, making it more user-friendly, easier, quicker and safer to operate.


With the recently introduced laser positioning system mounted on its range of man lifts, operators can easily and accurately pin-point the position of the raised platform, saving operators valuable working-time, improving work efficiency. It’s simple to operate with the following easy steps:


  1. Move the man lift to the intended working area.
  2. Remove the cap on laser beam outlet.
  3. Press the red switch button with the laser indicating final elevated platform position.