Launch of the Quick Lift- UC Series

The UC low access series has officially launched! The direct ladder replacement work platforms range from 4.2m to 5.6m in height. They provide a much safer working environment than a ladder when working at heights and minimize the risk of injury, with the platform providing a safe and secure working area. Power is provided by a 12V 110Ah maintenance free …

UGM Vertical Man Lift

UGM Series Self Propelled Aerial Work Platforms

Key Feature of UGM Series: Pothole guards Battery charge indicator Proportional lift and drive Intergral battery charger Emergency stop buttons (Ground and platform controls) Easy access to control for maintenance Emergency down valve Overload sensor Solid non-marking wheels Tilt alarm (Audible and Visual) Descent and travel alarms (Audible and Visual) Hour meter Maintenance free AGM batteries

UGM Man lift

UGM Series Man Lifts II

Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of tilt and descent alarms, pothole protection and overload sensor. An extended platform to increase the work area can be provided on the UGM12 and UGM16 models. the UGM series can be driven with the platform fully raised and can negotiate slopes of up to 15 degrees, with the platform in its stored position.  …

UGM vertical man lift

UGM Series Man Lifts I

The UGM series provide working height from 5.9m to 8.2m. Power is provided by 2x12v maintenance free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. The height reliable European design hydraulic system ensures platform ascent and descent is safe, smooth and fast, with up to 200 platform operating cycles before battery recharging is required.  The UGM advance design and compact structure make it …

UT elevated work platform

UT Series Multi Mast Key Features

Key Features of UT Series Power point on platform Back-up power for emergency descend Two person capacity up to 14.3m working height AC or DC model available – DC includes battery & charger Cage rails retractable to below platform for compact storage Lower five models (Up to UT36) with < 2metres stored height Descend alarm Outrigger indicator lights Options:  Extended …

UBM Series Vertical Lift

UBM Series Ladder Replacement Work Platforms Key Features

Unique Features of UBM Series Proportional control Dual wheel drive system Platform mounted joystick control of all movement Hour meter Flashing light Platform height-speed trade-offs imposed for operator safety Key Features of UBM Series 2 x 12v rechargeable battery power. Audible low voltage, descend and tilt alerts. Prominent decals promoting responsible use. Dual control points including emergency stops.  Quick and …