Up-Lift – UT Multi Mast Two Man Lift

UT Series Manually Propelled Two Man Lift

Up-Lift UT multi mast two man lift are compact and light weight in construction. Their high strength extruded aluminium masts provide stable platforms for personnel undertaking prolonged aerial work. Apart from the five standard platform heights included in the UT series, other platform heights can be made to order.UT1

Up-Lift UT elevated work platforms enable installation, cleaning, decorating, painting, signing and maintenance, in indoor and/or outdoor settings. They find application in hotels, restaurants, department stores, emporiums, shopping centres, airport departure lounges, sports stadiums, convention centres, as well as factories, hospitals, universities and colleges. The smaller models are designed to pass through standard doorways and into elevator lifts and are especially suited for use in confined spaces.

Key features of the UT personnel lifts:

Back-up power for emergency descendUT1

Smaller models with under 2 metres stored height

Extending or non-extending platform cages

Outrigger indicator lights           Descend alarm

Two person capacity with larger platform area (excluding UT52 & UT58)

1 year parts & labour and 5 years structural warranty

AC or DC model available – DC model includes battery & charger


Max Platform Height (m)
Max Working Height (m)
Rated Load (kg)200200200200200200150150150
Stored Dimensions (m)1.8×0.86×2.01.8×0.86×1.11.8×0.86×2.01.8×0.86×2.01.8×0.86×2.01.8×0.86×2.082.0×0.9×2.82.0×0.9×2.82.4×1.24×2.1
Platform Dimension (m)1.5×0.7×1.11.5×0.7×1.11.5×0.7×1.11.5×0.7×1.11.5×0.7×1.11.5×0.7×1.11.9×0.7×1.11.9×0.7×1.11.9×0.7×1.1
Outriggers Foot-Print (m)2.1×2.82.1×2.82.1×3.12.1×3.12.1×3.12.1×3.12.35×2.752.35×2.752.9×3.8
Voltage AC/DC Model (v)230/12230/12230/12230/12230/12230/12230/12230/12230
Total Weight AC/DC Model (kg)500/545540/584580/622620/662680/722750/7921386/14701420/15042380
Power Rating AC/DC Model (kW)1.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.62.2
PhotoUp-Lift UT20 Man LiftUp-Lift UT23 Man LiftUp-Lift UT26 Man LiftUp-Lift UT33 Man LiftUp-Lift UT36 Man LiftUp-Lift UT40 Man LiftUp-Lift UT46 Man LiftUp-Lift UT52 Man LiftUp-Lift UT58 Man Lift

*These machines are for indoor use only, cover when transporting the machine. Avoid exposure to moisture.

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