Two-man lifts

Do you need help accessing heights of up to 20 metres? Our Up-Lift UT two man lifts series is the perfect solution for your vertical access needs. Up-Lift UT multi mast two man lifts are compact and light weight in construction. Their high strength extruded aluminium masts provide stable platforms for personnel undertaking prolonged aerial work.

The sliding rail design UT multi mast two man lifts are available in nine standard platform heights.

Up-Lift UT multi mast two man lifts are extensively used for cleaning, decorating, painting, maintenance and aerial signage work in hotels, restaurants, department stores, emporiums, shopping centres, airport departure and arrival halls, sports stadiums and convention centres, as well as factories and aircraft hangers.

The small models are designed to pass through standard doorways and elevator lifts and is especially suited to small confined working space applications, where two people are required on the platform at any one time.

Below are the key features and safety features of Up-Lift UT multi mast two man lifts:-

Key Features:

  • Power point on platform
  • Two person capacity for UT40 or lower models
  • Compact retractable cage to below platform
  • Go through standard door for UT36 or lower models
  • Non marking wheels
  • Hour meter
  • Laser position locator
  • AC/DC model
  • Heavier models have optional outrigger drive wheels

Safety Features

  • Emergency down valve
  • Enabling control buttons
  • Emergency stop button
  • Back-up battery (AC model) for descend
  • Ground and platform control system
  • Spirit level indicator
  • Descend alarm
  • Low charge indicator ( DC models)
  • Safety harness point
  • Warning decals
  • Safety relief valves

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