UB Small scissor lift

UB, UBL and UBM Mini Scissor Lift

UB, UBL and UBM lifts are direct ladder replacement work platforms with working heights ranging from 3.5m to 5.9m. They provide a much safer working environment than ladders when working at heights and minimise the risk of injury, with the lift’s platform providing a safe and secure working area. 

Power is provided by maintenance free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Platform ascent and descent is smooth and quick, with up to 200 platform operating cycles before battery recharging is required. 

Compact and lightweight, they are ideally suitable for tight working areas and where there is floor weight restriction. That is, working area in which larger work platforms cannot be used. All models will pass through a standard 2 metre doorway. 

The UB and UBL series of manually propelled lifts are used where they can be pushed to the required aerial work areas. The ultra-compact and lightweight UB6L is well suited to extremely narrow floor space and where access to the aerial work area is only available through a narrow entrance or by stairs. This lift can be carried by two people. The UBM self-propelled lifts are used where there is a high frequency of use and where the lift needs to be driven to different work locations. 

The UB, UBL and UBM mini scissor series fully comply with European CE standards EN280:2013 and EN60204-1:2006+A1:2009. They also comply with Australian standard AS1418.10 applicable to elevated work platforms.