UG/UE Series Man Lift Key Features (Part 3)

Stainless steel cage
All UE and UG Series Man Lifts use a stainless steel cage designed to keep maintenance and machine weight to a minimum. The ergonomically designed UE stainless steel cage results in simple and safe operation and also enhances ease of entry to the platform. 

All UE and UG series machines are designed to pass through standard doorways and elevator entrances. In the case of UE 20, UE25 / UG16, UG20, UG25, UG30, UG35, UG38 this can be achieved with the lift in its upright position.

All UE and UG Series machines are equipped with leveraging device which facilitates their loading onto a truck or van for transportation. 

Document Box & Acrylic Cover Over Chains

Emergency Down Valve
A manual emergency down valve is provided for all models as a standard safety compliance feature.