Up-Lift – UE Central Mast Vertical Man Lift

UE Series Manually Propelled Vertical Man Lift

Up-Lift UE series vertical man lift are designed with a special focus on human safety and ergonomic requirements. They are compact, with superior external finishes, light and easy to handle, and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The design of all UE series vertical man lift incorporates the latest technology available in aerial working platforms, and includes an electrically-powered hydraulic system renowned for its reliability. Their unique central mast design delivers enhanced stability and second to none safety.

UE man lifts are available in both AC and DC versions.

Key features of the UE model:



MULTI- FUNCTION CONTROL PANEL Powers supply indication, outrigger indication lights and back-up power for AC modes in the form of a 24 watt battery included in control box.
STAINLESS STEEL CAGES Ergonomically designed cage results in easy operation and also enhances ease of access.
OUTRIGGER STORAGE Extruded aluminium outriggers are stored on the side below the top of the machine, keeping the stored height to a minimum and facilitating the movement of machine through standard doorways with outriggers in its stored position.
PLATFORM CONTROLS Critical push button controls (i,e. ascending, descending, and emergency stop buttons) are all accessible directly from the platform.
MOBILITY Designed to allow passage through standard doorways, lifts and elevators. Mobility for higher models are enhanced with tit-back support system
OPTIONS Both AC and DC options available
High strength and high durability aluminium aircraft materials greatly reduce weight and enhances the stability of the machine. Unique central mast design ensures high stability and minimises machine vibration.
High quality fully retractable imported spiral cable ensures strongly reliable aerial operation.

Key technical specifications of the UE model:

Max Platform Height (m)
Max Working Height (m)8.19.611.714.316.5
Rated Load (kg)159159136136110
Stored Dimensions (m)1.29×0.74×1.821.29×0.74×1.991.31×0.74×2.531.31×0.74×2.931.31×0.74×3.35
Tilted Dimensions (m)N/AN/A2.53×0.74×1.833.07×0.74×1.973.35×0.74×1.98
Platform Dimensions (m)0.68×0.66×1.320.68×0.66×1.320.68×0.66×1.320.68×0.66×1.320.68×0.66×1.32
Outrigger Foot-Print (m)1.47×1.551.47×1.552.10×2.202.40×2.502.90×3.03
Wall Access Distance(m)
Voltage AC/DC (v)230/12230/12230/12230/12230/12
Total Weight AC/DC (kg)370/412361/402457/499503/545548/590
Power Rating AC/DC (kW)1.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.61.1/1.6
PhotoUp-Lift UE20 Man liftUp-Lift UE25 Man liftUp-Lift UE32 Man liftUp-Lift UE40 Man lift


The vertical man lift (UE models) can be used for a variety of purposes:

Main Applications

·Hotels · Restaurants · Sports Stadiums
·Theatres, Concert and Dance Halls · Exhibition Halls
·Conference Centers · Office Blocks · Department Stores and Supermarkets
·Airports · Subways · Hospitals
·Schools · Mining Operations · Factories and Warehouses
·Power Supply and Construction Projects

Other Applications

·Main Halls · External Walls · Stadium Platforms
·Flag Poles · Overhead Cranes · Facility Management
·Aerial Working Platforms (AWP)

Specialised Applications

·Advertising Signage Companies
·Elevated Working for Cleaning Companies
·Property Management Companies
·Aerial Access in Maintenance Companies


*These machines are for indoor use only, cover when transporting the machine. Avoid exposure to moisture.