Vertical Man Lifts

Man lifts

Up-Lift are well recognised in the global vertical access platform industry.  These are used in many icon buildings such as the Sydney Opera House.  Up-Lift UE series central mast vertical man lifts is a high-level vertical lifts with unique central mast technology which are optimum solutions for aerial working height from 8.1m to 16.5m. Use of high quality and exceptionally durable aircraft standard aluminium greatly reduces weight while strengthening the structure of the machine. With tilt back support mechanism, UE models of 12m or more can be easily pass through standard doors.  

Up-lift UE series central mast vertical man lifts are designed with special focus on human and ergonomic requirements. It is compact and it is high in quality, easy to handle and comes with safety standards. Ergonomically designed stainless steel cage result in easy operation and also enhance ease of access. 

Below are the key features and safety features of Up-Lift UE series central mast vertical man lifts:-

Key features:-

  • Unique stainless-steel cage
  • Maintenance-free battery with charge indicator
  • Loading facilities and tilt back support
  • Non marking wheels
  • Hour meter
  • Laser position locator
  • AC/DC model

Safety Features:-

  • Emergency down valve
  • Enabling control buttons
  • Emergency stop button
  • Back-up battery (AC-models) for descend
  • Dual control system
  • Spirit level indicator 
  • Descend alarm
  • Low charge indicator (DC models)
  • Safety harness point
  • Flashing lights & warning decals
  • Wheel brakes
  • Safety relief valves

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