AHI is Australia registered and managed. AHI products are under 2 trademarks. Both trademarks ( Up-Lift® and Quick Lift® )are registered with IP Australia since 2005.

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, the company started in 2003 and now has 20 years of experience a a manufacturer & distributor of Elevated Work Platform (EWP) with key focus on the Vertical Access Platform.

The company has one of the largest range of Vertical Access model globally with a total of some 45 models. Currently Access Holdings International products are distributed among 48 countries globally, including Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East countries. 



AHI products are made under ISO9001 quality management system and are fully compliant with European CE standards EN280 and EN60204-1, Australian standards AS1418.10 as well as other country based compliance standards. Commencing with a strong focus in the Asia Pacific region, AHI today distributes products to more than 40 countries and prides itself in the supply of high quality, cost competitive and innovative vertical access personnel lifts satisfying the demands of its global customers.

Product Development:

No.New ProductMarket Launch
01US Series2004.05
02UG Series2004.06
03UE Series2004.11
04UT Series2007.12
05UB Series2009.03
06UM Series2010.09
07UBM Series2010.09
08UW Series2011.04
09QU Series2012.05
10WQU Series2012.11
11UB (Redesign)2014.08
14UBL Series2016.08
15UGM Series2017.01
16UC Series2018.11
17UR Series2019.12
18UBT Series2020.12
19LLA(UB/UBM/UC/UR)Product Upgrade2023.06